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    Kam Knife - OK - Light Brown Forest Pouch

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    Forest Pouch: Carry Nature's Gifts
    An ideal companion for those who explore in the heart of nature: Forest Pouch. This durable and useful pouch is the perfect solution for safely transporting the treasures you collect in the wild.

    Kam Knife Forest Pouch Dimensions :

    Closed Dimensions

    Width : 7,5 cm 

    Height : 8 cm

    Pouch Sizes

    Width : 22 cm

    Height : 31 cm


    Durable Construction: Made of long-lasting fabric that is resistant to tearing and abrasion.
    Large Capacity: You can carry all the materials you need with different size options.
    Comfortable Carrying: Provides comfortable carrying thanks to the adjustable waist band and ergonomic design.
    Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal for transporting forest fruits, mushrooms, herbs and more.
    Harmonious with Nature: It is in harmony with nature with its natural colors and materials.

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