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    Shawn with the Wild “Settler's Wrench”

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    The Settlers Wrench is a GAME CHANGER for Bushcrafters, Survivalists, Homesteaders, Hikers, Campers or anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. Build limitless structures with one lightweight and easy-to-carry tool that has infinite uses. Never run out of or have to make cordage again. Recommended for softwood and green woodworking projects!

    Has a 1” diameter hole that is tapered on one end to a sharpened edge so that you can make wooden pegs by using a log or mallet to hammer/drill the Auger Head into logs and sticks

    Run a stick through and use it as a handle for the auger - Remove the stick and the tapered portion acts as a cutter to cut round sockets which are sized to fit in the hole you drilled with the auger

    Made of thick-walled Stainless Steel that is built to LAST A LIFETIME - Invented and Designed by Bushcrafter, “Shawn With The Wild” - Overall Length of Tool: 6”

    This tool practically eliminates the need for making cordage and enables you to make unlimited items and structures - Use it to help you make fish traps, chairs, drinking steins, and other tools like mallets, ladders, pump drills, and maple syrup taps - It will even help you make an entire cabin - The possibilities are endless with this amazing Bushcraft EDC Tool

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