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    WOOX Axe Brush + Sharpening Stone

    Sale price$56.00 USD

    WOOX Sharpening Puck - The Ultimate Tool for Sharp Blades. Keeping your outdoor tools sharp is essential for any outdoor adventure. The WOOX Sharpening Puck is the ultimate tool for maintaining a razor-sharp edge on all your cutting tools, including knives, axes, and machetes.

    Professional Dual-Grit Whetstone for Precision Sharpening
    Made from American sapphire ceramic, this professional dual-grit whetstone provides an exceptionally sharp blade with minimal effort. The gray medium face rapidly erases scratch marks, while the fine side brings the edge to a hazy mirror finish.

    Fine Hand Brush for Easy Cleaning and Detailing
    The WOOX Sharpening Puck also comes with a Fine Hand Brush that makes cleaning and detailing your outdoor gear a breeze. The brush removes dirt and dust from your cutting tools and soft goods without scratching or damaging your finish.


    • Premium quality American sapphire ceramic material
    • Professional dual-grit whetstone
    • The fine side brings an edge to the hazy mirror finish
    • Gray medium face rapidly erases scratch marks
    • Fine Hand Brush for easy cleaning and detailing
    • Lightweight and easy to transport during outdoor adventures

    Sharpening Stone Details:

    • Abrasive Type: Aluminum Oxide
    • Grit: 51/22 Micron
    • Cut Finish: Medium/Fine
    • Cut Speed: Medium-Fast/Fast
    • Bond Strength: Hard/Medium-Hard
    • Weight: 7.8oz
    • Diameter: 3"
    • Thickness: 7/8"



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